Why do you need an appraisal?

At some point in a horse owner’s life, situations occur that are unforeseen and require you to prove the value of your horse. This is when you need a professional horse appraiser who will provide you with a fair and impartial value based on relevant, factual information.

In dealing with today’s economy, an appraisal is a valuable tool that can help you make a wiser decision in buying and selling horses.

As a buyer, an appraisal can give you a clearer picture of the value of the animal. Since it is done by an independent third party with an knowledge of the current market conditions, you’ll get an unbiased value based on fact, not emotion or personal tastes.

As a seller, an appraisal can help you decide how to effectively market your horse. Should you sell through a local auction or a privte treaty sale? If your horse is of high quality, maybe a regional or national market should be your aim. An appraisal can give you the guidelines to make these crucial decisions. It can help you choose the best way to market your horse that will bring you the most money from its sale.

How may I help you?

I can assist you with almost all horse-related matters:

  • Insurance policies and claims
  • Donations
  • Purchases and sales
  • Loans
  • Bankruptcies
  • Establishing and/or dissolving business partnerships
  • Fraud
  • Expert witness testimonies

As a certified appraiser with over 41 years of equine experience, I believe I am able to give you an honest, accurate and unbiased appraisal of the value of your horse.

A little about me.

I am the owner of McCarron Equine Appraisals and the co-owner of Emcee Farm, where I raise Paint and Quarter Horses. I have been in the equine business for 41+ years buying, selling, breeding, and showing horses.